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The Assessment and Development of Highlevel Talent


Creative Thinking Skills
Leadership Skills
Workplace Structure
Life History Path


Dr. Mumford offers the following to describe his areas of interest:

My interests lie in the assessment and development of high level talent. Currently, the research focuses on four specific areas. The first area is concerned with the identification and measurement of creative thinking skills. The second area focuses on those skills that leaders must possess to perform well in dynamic organizational settings. The third area examines work place structure as it relates to skill growth and development. Finally, I continue to conduct work on the potential applications of life history path as a tool for understanding career development. http://www.ou.edu/cas/psychology/people/fac/mumford.htm

This provides a useful starting point as well as a framework to look at Dr. Mumford’s work. Use the menu at the left to access each of the areas of research concentration.