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A collection of insightful & memorable offerings from the work of Dr. Mumford.

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Quotable Mumford
Mumford Propositions
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This section presents summaries of the propositions from the following four articles:

Social Innovation: Thinking about Changing the System
Jay J. Caughron, Amanda S. Shipman, Cheryl K. Beeler, and Michael D. Mumford

Summary of 22 Social Innovation Propositions

Charismatic, Ideological, and Pragmatic Leadership: Multi-level Influences on Emergence and Performance
Michael D. Mumford, Alison L. Antes, Jay J. Caughron, Tamara L. Friedrich

Summary of 24 Propositions of Charismatic, Ideological, and Pragmatic Leadership

Managing Creative People
Michael D. Mumford

Summary of 34 Human Resources Propositions

Leading Creative People: Orchestrating Expertise and Relationships
Michael D. Mumford, Ginamarie M. Scott, Blaine Gaddis, Jill M. Strange

Summary of 39 Orchestrating Expertise and Relationships Propositions